Tell Me What Your Thinkin’

Tell Me What Your Thinkin’ is going to be a random post asking for your feedback. Going forward this will be referring to current events, parenting, diet, finances…you get the point? This time I want to hear what you guys think about this blog. Are you interested in seeing what else will be posted? Is there something you want my opinion on? I know there is only one previous post and that doesn’t give you much to go on. Unless you know me personally, that one post is all you’ve got to form an opinion.

Most of us can form an opinion fairly quick though. You hand me a romance novel, I can tell you whether I’m interested by the first 3 paragraphs. If that book doesn’t grab my attention by then, I’m done. I can read a few Facebook posts or tweets from someone and just about tell you if that person is compatible with my personality and sense of humor.

So, leave a comment and tell me what your thinkin’. I can’t wait to hear from you!!




6 thoughts on “Tell Me What Your Thinkin’

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  1. Well heck, I think it’s worth a follow. I look forward to hearing your stories. The ups and downs. I’m sure there are plenty of both. I also can empathize with the “new blogger with no experience” situation, so it’s nice to have someone in the same boat. Your first post seems “real” and not fake-ly (yep, made that word up) fluffed. That’s also nice to see. Good luck and I hope to read some new posts soon!


  2. Hi Terri, I just read your article and I really like your blog. Its very refreshing and honest. I quite like how you gave so much of yourself to the blog. It feels natural and human. Best of luck in your blogging journey! 🙂


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