So Random

How many times will I start this blog just to delete and start over? Anyone else have this problem? I’m sure it’s common. Well, I hope it is anyway. I don’t want to be the only person who sits to write, starts something and decides that’s not what I was going for. How often do you look at the piece you’ve been working on for the last several minutes and think, “How boring! I’m not posting this with my name attached to it”?

That is my dilemma at the moment. What better way to beat that than to write about it? Now, I want my blogs to be real and random. I’m too scatterbrained to keep a good storyline going. I will stick with personal writings, the occasional short story and maybe even throw in a few opinion or rant posts.

So far, I’ve had a blast with this. I can sit down and type up something, once I get a subject going, for a good while and have a blast. I don’t know if you caught my blog yesterday, Nervous. It was a prompted writing. That was another one that I started on something totally different and then got the idea to do something totally different. I deleted what I had, started all over and Anna was born.

Arkansas Summer was a fun one to write, as well. I love to reminisce. Especially with family members while looking through old photos. I have wonderful memories of special people. Some of those people are still with me and some have moved on. I’m sure you’ll read about some of them in upcoming blogs.

I hope everyone is enjoying reading my blogs. I have enjoyed writing and sharing. See how this totally ended up not going along with the beginning of the blog? I was stumped with what to write about, but as soon as you put your fingers to the keyboard with one little thought, it blossoms.

I have to go now. I leave you with not much of anything, but a few random thoughts. Enjoy!!


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