Random Thoughts of a New Blogger

I’ve always had this pull to write and have started several times to write a book, but it just never came together. When video blogs, or vlogs, became a thing, I thought I would try that. I have a few videos out there for all to see, but more and more ended up on my phone and got deleted. I would still love to do the vlogging thing, but it’s more natural for me to write. So here I am.

I posted on Facebook a few years back asking if anyone knew of free blogging sites. My brother, the computer whiz, told me about WordPress. That was the first time I’d heard of it. I don’t think I started anything, but I thought about it a lot. A lot happened in my life after that and it got pushed to the back burner.

When I finally did get started, I didn’t really have a plan. I was sitting home one night, with my new laptop, and thought I’d look into it. Everything came together fairly quick and I posted my first blog. I took part in a Community Pool and that got more views, likes and followers. I didn’t really know what kind of writer I would be so I tried to stick with doing more personal stuff…things I knew about. I was going to stay away from stories of any kind, but that’s changed.

I believe that once you start something that you enjoy, regardless of how difficult it is or you think it is, it just comes together. I don’t have big plans, but I’ve enjoyed writing. I don’t always know what to write about and that’s okay too. My content will probably always be random, but it will never be thoughtless. It may be silly, it may be plain and may be the worst thing someone thinks was ever written, but I’m cool with all of that.

I’d love to have tons of people following my blogs, but I’m content to have this special place to come to. I can put my thoughts “on paper” and that gets them out of my head. Sometimes, my head is a crazy place to be. I’m one of those that may or may not sleep for a night or two, because my mind won’t shut up, and then I crash for a day or two. I’m sure some of you understand.

I think to myself that these posts have to be just right, but they really don’t. Does anyone else have these conversations with themselves? I think I have to say the right thing and use the right grammar or what if I misspell a word. Well, it’s not the end of the world. No one is going to kick me off, because I placed or didn’t place a comma in the correct spot, or because I didn’t have the correct number of sentences before starting a new paragraph. I didn’t even know that was a thing until my kid started college.

Another thing that I always think about is how scattered brained I am. There is no telling how many times I will repeat myself or totally forget to make the point I was working so hard to make. Every bit of that is okay too. My short term memory is not that great, so I may or may not retain a thought. Many times, if it pops in my head and I think “that is great, I need to remember that”…I’d better go write it down, because I’m not going to remember.

I discovered one of my favorite functions on here just Friday night. It was way too late/early to post something and I notice this tiny calendar next to publish. I was able to schedule an automatic publish for the next morning. How awesome is that? I’ll tell you, it’s the awesomest!!! I know that’s not a word, but it is if you speak Terri. Terri-isms are a real thing. 😊

Let’s talk about titles for a minute. When you start writing, do you already know what you want the title to be or do you wait until the piece is finished? I most always don’t have a title until I’m done writing. Titles are important. I don’t want to put just any title on a piece. Even though I’m not doing much more than sharing some of my experiences as a new blogger, I want this to have a good title.

The ending. I love a good ending. I should say that I love a good, meaningful ending. If the dog dies, I’m gonna hate it and will be traumatized. Don’t ever kill the dog. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I must move on to the end of this blog. I’ve really enjoyed my blogging journey so far and look forward to whatever pops into my little brain in the future.

The End…not really; it’s only the beginning.







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