Protect the Predator

This is one of my favorite weeks of every year and it revolves around Sharks. During this week, we are taken on several boating and diving trips through the world’s oceans. Sharks are extremely vital to the ecosystems of our oceans. My thought on the subject of sharks is the lack of protection. Our sharks are protected only in certain areas, but our oceans cover many, many miles of the world. Sharks can and do travel all over the oceans. They do not stay in protected areas.

I know there are many that are working towards protecting our sharks, but in the meantime, they are being killed and mostly for their fins. The fin will be cut from a live shark which will be thrown back into the ocean to die. The dorsal fin is a very important part of the anatomy of a shark and is needed to stay alive. Why are the fins being stripped from these beautiful creatures? Food. Shark Fin soup is considered a delicacy in parts of the world and millions of sharks are killed so mankind can have soup.

It is in our best interests and the best interest of our world to protect these sharks. Without sharks, our oceans will cease to exist. Without oceans, we will cease to exist. Please consider joining an advocacy group to protect our sharks. There are many groups that can be found online. Do a little research and find one that would be a good fit for you.


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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